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Rockwall County Helping Hands

Soroptimist of Rockwall has been a longtime supporter of the efforts of Rockwall County Helping Hands to assist with the health needs of women in the Rockwall Community.

When the need arose for an expensive piece of equipment (colposcope) to help with sexual assault examinations, Soroptimist came to the rescue with a $10,000 donation. Although the SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) program has since moved off site, the equipment is still being used in the community for examinations of local women who have been sexually assaulted.

Soroptimist has also provided donations for women to receive routine screening mammograms through the health center and partnerships with local hospitals. As the age of the clientele rose, Soroptimist responded by agreeing to help meet other women's health needs such as bone density screenings. Occasionally, monies have been used to meet the high costs of unusual tests for very needy women who had no other access to care.

As the clinic has grown and begun seeing more and more children, Soroptimist donations have occasionally been used for the care of kids who might not otherwise receive the care they need.

Annually Soroptimist International of Rockwall contributes approximately $25,000 to the ongoing care of needy women and children in our local community.